Premier service & application Support

Premier Engineering understands the importance and the need for our customer's machines to be in good operating condition.  This is why we have grown our Service & Applications Team with experienced personnel over the past 10-years.  Premier Engineering has 9 Full-Time Service & Applications Engineers throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Strategically located to be close to our customers.

Our techs have received training and certification through Mazak Corporation and TRAK Machine Tools for maintaining and emergency servicing CNC Machine Tools.  With over 100-years of combined service experience, there's not an issue we've come across that we have not been able to complete in a timely professional manner.


Important Telephone  Numbers:

Mazak Technical Support:                800-505-1964

ProtoTRAK Technical Support:        800-367-3165

Premier Engineering Service Coordinator:        678-442-8382


Service & Application Engineers Dispatch Locations:,https%3A//,-https%3A//
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Palletech Installation
Mazak Palletech Installation
Mazak Palletech Installation
Mazak Palletech Installation
Mazak Palletech Installation
Mazak Spindle Reinstall
Mazak Spindle Reinstall

Preventative Maintenance Services:

Our Service Team is meticulous when it comes to detail.  We will pull back the covers and get dirty to get the job done.

But lets face it, unplanned down-time on a machine can get expensive quickly.  One way we have found to mitigate down-time is properly maintaining your investment.  When you partner with Premier Engineering to handle your PM work, you are gauranteed to have a Factory Trained Service Technician that understands your equipment.  One who will take the time to explain any potential issue and provide solutions to consider to prevent unwanted down-time.

Here are a few items our techs will handle during a Preventative Maintenance visit:

  • Complete Control Backup
  • Check Headstock Alignment.
  • Check Sub-spindle Alignment.
  • Check Tool Changer/Turret Alignment (where applicable)
  • Check Back Lash in balls crews and adjust if necessary.
  • Adjust belts, replace if required and check lubrication.
  • Remove way covers to clean and check lubrication of ball screw, and linear guides. Remove any chip buildup if it has occurred.
  • Visual & Audio inspection on Tool Changer, Sound of Spindle, Ball Screws, and Thrust bearings on Axis drives.
  • Inspect and adjust if necessary, tool clamp and unclamp stroke.
  • Grease conveyors.
  • Check all oil levels.
  • Change hydraulic fluid.
  • Clean/replace all filters & batteries yearly.

Premier Engineering can offer custom PM options for your Mazak and TRAK machine tools.  Contact us today to discuss your needs or concerns, 678-442-8382.