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  • Advanced Features w/ Verify, RMX
  • Auxiliary Functions Options, PTRX
  • Coolant Pump Option, DPMRX
  • Chip Tray & Splash Shield for DPM3
  • TRAKing/Electronic Handwheels, DPMRX3
  • Power Drawbar for DPMRX3, CAT40

TRAK DPM RX5 Specifications:

  • 50″ x 12″ table size
  • 40″ X axis / 20″ Y axis / 25.81″ Z axis travel
  • 5 HP continuous spindle motor
  • 40 taper spindle
  • Almost 4″ quill diameter
  • Rapid speeds of 400 IPM on X and Y, 250 IPM on Z
  • Standard Electronic Handwheels with selectable fine/coarse handwheel resolution

Standard Features:

  • ProtoTRAK RMX CNC integrated into the machine at the factory
  • Solid ram moves along the column providing mass for heavy cuts
  • Generous Z-axis CNC travel
  • Strong and rigid
  • Efficient for any job: manual, 2-axis CNC or 3-axis CNC
  • Standard electronic head for programmable spindle speeds and tapping
  • Precision ground ballscrews installed in the table, saddle and column
  • Manual quill with integrated quill and ram encoders
  • Wide way surfaces are hardened and ground, slideways are Turcite® coated
  • Real handwheels so you can work manually